EventSim/Installation Guide

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  1. Install Java 8 JDK, EventSim won't work with Java 7 and below
  2. Download and unpack Eclipse Mars (IDE for Java and DSL Developers recommended)
    • Under Windows, 7-Zip is recommended for unpacking; the unpacker built into Windows may not work properly
  3. Run Eclipse
  4. Enable subversion support in Eclipse
    • Choose Help -> Eclipse Marketplace... and search for Subversive. Click Install. Use default feature selection.
    • After restarting Eclipse, choose Window -> Preferences -> Team -> SVN, select the SVN Connector tab and press 'Get Connectors...'
    • Choose and install one of the connectors displayed, SVN Kit (latest) is recommended
  5. Install Palladio (choose one option)
    • Option 1 (recommended for regular users): Install Palladio from Eclipse Marketplace (currently not recommended, use Option 2)
      1. Choose Help -> Eclipse Marketplace... and search for Palladio. Click Install.
      2. Select and install Palladio 4.0
    • Option 2 (recommended for developers): Install Palladio from Nightly Update Site
      1. Go to Help -> Install New Software... and "work with"
      2. Select and install all features listed
  6. Install EventSim (choose one option)
    1. Download EventSim team project set (probably outdated!) from (use your own or anonymous credentials)
    2. Choose File -> Import -> Team -> Team Project Set
    3. Select File and browse for downloaded eventsim.psf file
  7. Install R Project required for storing and processing simulation results
    • Run R with administrator privileges
    • In R, type install.packages(c('Rserve', 'data.table', 'ggplot2', 'XML', 'svglite'))
    • For Mac Users: install.packages("Rserve", "Rserve_1.8-6.tgz", "")