EventSim/Usage Guide

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  1. Run Eclipse (see above for installation instructions)
  2. Optionally create a Palladio example model
    1. Choose File -> New -> Project... -> Palladio Modeling -> New Palladio Project
    2. Enter a project name, press Next
    3. Choose Minimum Example Template, press Finish
  3. Establish connection to R via Rserve
    1. Run R (no Administrator prvileges required, opposed to the installation)
      • In R, type library(Rserve)
      • In R, type Rserve()
    2. Back in Eclipse, switch to the Palladio perspective (Window -> Perspective -> Open Perspective -> Other...)
    3. Open the tab Rserve Connection, which is located next to the Properties tab
    4. Press Connect
  4. Run EventSim simulation
    1. Choose Run -> Run Configurations... and double click on SimuBench
    2. In the Architecture Model(s) tab, select your allocation and usage file, usually from Workspace...
    3. In the Simulation tab, select EventSim as simulator implementation
    4. In the Simulation tab, choose Rserve as Persistence Framework
      • In the Rserve tab below, choose whether to export simulation results to an RDS file (otherwise results will only be available programmatically until Eclipse is closed)
      • Remark: EventSim does not support EDP2 or SensorFramework but writes all simulation results directly into R.
    5. Press Run. Simulation results are stored into a RDS file

If EventSim has not been installed via Option 1 ("regular users"), perform the following step after Step 1 above ("Run Eclipse"):

  • Start a new ("inner") Eclipse instance from your running ("outer") Eclipse. Provide the following VM arguments: -Xmx768m
    1. Choose Run -> Run Configurations... and double click on Eclipse Application
    2. In the Main tab, make sure Java 8 is selected as Execution environment
    3. In the Arguments tab, make sure under VM arguments there is an argument -Xmx768m (or larger)
    4. Press Run to launch the "inner" Eclipse. This compiles and deploys EventSim into the inner Eclipse.