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Datum 2020/06/10 11:30 – 2020/06/10 12:15
Ort https://www.gotomeet.me/sdq-gtm01/lerngruppe
Vortragende(r) Dominik Werle
Thema Eclipse 0–100

In this study group, I want to talk with you about a tool that some of us use in their daily work: Eclipse. More concretely, we will talk about topics along the following path (the list is not final and probably not all of them. If you have any specific things that you want to talk about, we can do this in an interactive fashion).

The goal is two-fold:

  • Give some tipps and tricks that might help in your daily work
  • Introduce/Talk about some terms that are often used to ease discussion

This means that we will not discuss everything in detail but rather give an overview of concepts.


  • Very quick overview of useful (Java) code editing and navigation tools:
    • Open Call Hierarchy, Type, Resource, Model Element, Refactorings, Source attachments, Templates,
    • Working Sets
    • Debugging: Tracepoints, Triggerpoints, Conditional Breakpoints, Exception Breakpoints, Logical Structures, Detail Formatters, Expressions, Hot Swapping, Remote Debugging (jdpa + jdb / Eclipse / IntelliJ?)
  • Eclipse Projects, Eclipse Plugin Development
    • Run / Debug configurations
    • What is Eclipse?
    • What is a plugin? Why is which plugins loaded?
    • What is a plugin project?
    • Launching/Debugging products, applications, "Show Command Line"
    • JDK version, Execution Environments, Compatible JREs, Runtime JRE
    • JVM CLI options
    • Extensions/Extension Points, Feature, Fragment, Plug-in, Product, Updatesites
    • Target Platform, API Baseline, Buildpath, Classpath, Modulepath, Maven Dependencies, System Library
    • Plug-in Spy, Layout Spy, Helpful Plug-In-Related views