Model-Driven Consistency Preservation for Industrial Engineering Artifacts

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ABB logo.svg Typ Masterarbeit
Aushang Vitruvius for engineering.pdf
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Erik Burger (E-Mail::, Telefon:: +49-721-608-45765)

Your tasks

ABB provides hardware and software for control systems to operate a multitude of industrial facilities, e.g., factories, power plants, ships, and mines. To plan and configure such systems, numerous software tools capture models from various engineers in many data formats. For example, the models include factory structures, behaviour of automation controllers or robot kinematics. Keeping this diverse range of overlapping models consistent is a challenging task, which is today mostly done manually.

The Vitruvius approach, which is being developed at Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT), is a model-driven framework for consistency preservation and view-based development.

In this thesis, you will conceptualize and implement a method for applying the Vitruvius model consistency approach to AutomationML models in order to support consistency checking. You will work with the Eclipse Modeling Framework (EMF) to import AutomationML files in a standardized meta-model, define consistency rules with Vitruvius’ declarative correspondence rules, and analyse whether inconsistencies between different models can be resolved automatically. You will test your solution with real-world engineering scenarios.


  • You are a highly motivated student of computer science looking for a master thesis (6 months).
  • You have experiences in object-oriented programming (C# or Java) and common IDEs (Visual Studio or Eclipse).
  • As a good communicator, you have sound English skills in speaking and writing.
  • (Optional:) Experiences with model-driven software development, UML, EMF, Xtext, QVT
  • (Optional:) Experience with XML, AutomationML, PLCopen, CAEX, or COLLADA