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This page describes how to use ModelJoin and which components/plugins are needed in order to install the Eclipse implementation of it.


The grammar of ModelJoin is defined under:

Required Plugins

It is recommended to work with the Modeling version of Eclipse since it comes with an environment suited for modeling.

You need to have Xtext and Operational QVT installed. Install also the Palladio Workflow Engine with version ≥2.0. Furthermore you need the Eclipse OCL Example packages OCL Examples (Install OCL Examples and Editors SDK Version 3.4.0 from the item OCL-5.0.0, just the example package ist needed)

The following versions have been tested to work with ModelJoin:

Eclipse 4.7.1 (Oxygen)
QVT 3.6
Xtext 2.12.0

The ModelJoin related projects can be found under the following SVN-repositories ModelJoin and Scalability

To fetch the projects from the repository you will need the SVN integration for Eclipse. The plugin can be found on the Eclipse Marktpalce. If you get errors regarding SVN-connectors download the appropriate SVNKit connectors

ModelJoin Textual Editing

Transformation and Metamodel Generation


Examples and Stuff

Build the Xtext Editor for model queries

First, you need to build the ModelJoin-Metamodel (consisting of all the select, where, etc. elements). This is done via an Xtext-Workflow. You can find it in the xtext-Project under edu.kit.ipd.sdq.mdsd.mj.xtext/src/GenerateModelJoinXtextEditor.mwe2 Run the workflow (ignore errors in the project!). Then all the generated meta classes (under src-gen) should appear.

You may need to clean your workspace and re-build for all errors to disappear. In older eclipse versions check the edu-kit.ipd.sdq.mdsd.mj.xtext.ide project for missing src-gen or xtend-gen folder and create them if needed.

Run Test Suite

Run as a JUnit test to generate and validate metamodel and transformation from basic ModelJoin queries.

Increase PermGen Size for Eclipse application

If you get errors like

java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: PermGen space

when starting your Eclipse application containing the Xtext editor, you should increase the PermGen space available for Java. (see [5]):