PCM Code Repository Process

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To facilitate distributed changes on the Palladio code repository, the following process is mandatory. The process applies to changing project names and moving projects (e.g. from "core" to "add-ons"). The process applies to all Palladio "core" and "add-ons" plugins. The process's purpose is to avoid destroying running work spaces of developers.

Process trigger

  • Moving projects in the code repository
  • Change of project name

Process steps

  1. Inform Palladio developers via palladio-dev mailing list at least 2 days before moving projects
    • Ask all developers to checkin uncommitted changes
    • Announce the date and time of the planned move
    • Name exact source and target (SVN URL) such that all developers can update their workspace
  2. Move the projects
  3. Update the team project set

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