PCM Development/Palladio Coding Session/20201111 Developer Meeting

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10:00 - 11:15

11:35 - 12:00


New and Noteworthy

Metamodel Maintenance

  • Units in StoEx
  • Inheritance hierarchy of connections
  • Inheritance hierarchy of Roles, Interfaces and Signatures
  • Various change suggestions SOMOX-37
    • Add super type NamedElement to class Parameter
    • Change super type from Entity to AbstractAction for class CallAction
    • Add super type Entity to class ResourceDemandingInternalBehaviour
  • optional: PALLADIO-154 - Sequence of actions in SEFF as list (15min)
  • slides

Development Retrospective

  • New agile development process introduced
    • more contributions compared to year before
    • process adopted and positive feedback
  • Not all projects have been fully integrated into continuous integration
    • SoMoX
    • Incubation projects
  • Need for better guidelines
    • Good commit messages necessary (also include JIRA ticket number)
    • Comments in JIRA tickets about chosen solution / status should be made (at least link to pull request)
  • Velocity

SoMoX Status Report

  • SOMOX-35 Use our JaMoPP fork to read-in Java source code

Palladio Documentation

  • overview: currently existing Palladio documention
  • discussion
    • content-related: main topics, clustering
    • organizational: lcoation, format
    • identification of target groups
  • proceeding; proposed approach

SDQ Wiki

Palladio Github repositories

Github documentation; created per repository; not consistent and partly incomplete; e.g.


  • a lot of documentation exists, already organized in meaningful clusters (ref. landing page); BUT documentation is highly distributed across multiple places; great parts not maintained with outdated information
  • difficult to get a fast overview and also finding relevant information; no central entry point
  • question: which topics are currently missing in the documentation ?

Release planning PCM 5.0

  • SimuCom discontinuation
  • StoEx Xtext
  • Minor usability improvements

Test Creation

Testing of current nightly builds

  • Test case assignment and test execution
    • assign the test case to yourself
    • document errors in execution in the comment section
    • set the test status to succeeded or failed