PCM Development/Palladio Coding Session/20210129 Developer Meeting

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Testing of current nightly builds

  • We test in Eclipse 2020-12, not in 2020-06 or 2020-09
  • We test the Sirius editors, not the GMF editors

Necessary preparations

Acceptance tests


  • Dominik
  • Floriment
  • Larissa
  • Manar
  • Martina
  • Maximilian
  • Sebastian
  • Steffen
  • Stephan


  • how to handle simucom launch configs for 5.0 release ?
    • we decided to not ship simucom anymore with the product by default
    • we will move it to the deprecated section, if you still rely on it you have to explicitly install it by yourself via the update site
    • we wont execute the simucom tests anymore at the next testing day
  • Test results to be discussed
    • SIMULIZAR-106 failed with NPE
    • SIMULIZAR-141 Invalidated the model through the tree editor. In the output a warning is shown “[Worker-12: Launching New_configuration] WARN : Found validation problems in the models”, however, the simulation is not paused and a warning message as described in the test case does not appear.
    • SIMULIZAR-109 Step 7 failed, there is no results for the Passive Resource of type State of Passive ResourceTuple
    • SIMULIZAR-105 The output value is not the same as reported in the test case. Instead of 135.31 I received a network load 133.31. The other network demand is correct. This is a known issue and shoud e added to the known issue list
    • SIMUCOM-54 Step 3 failed: Unable to build the simulation plugin.
    • SIMUCOM-51 The simulation is interrupted: Unable to build the simulation Plugin. The method machMehr0(SimuComContext) in the type Izwei is not applicable for the arguments (Context)
    • SIMUCOM-48 The simulation in step 3 failed; Unable to build the simulation plugin. Failure Messages: The method serverService0(SimuComContext) in the type IProvidedServer is not applicable for the arguments (Context);
    • SIMUCOM-47 Simulation fails in step 3; Unable to build the simulation plugin. Failure Messages: The method process0(SimuComContext) in the type HelperInterface is not applicable for the arguments (Context)

The method IADD0(SimuComContext) in the type JVM is not applicable for the arguments (Context)

    • SIMUCOM-46 same context issue as the other simucom tests
    • PALLADIO-298; currently the simulation results do not match the values in the test case descripiotn;
      • decision: needs further offsite investigation with Anne
    • EDITORS-98 decision: this is not an issue; please update step 16 in tc description accordingly
    • EDITORS-94 opening editors differs from test case desription;
      • decision: not an issues, please update steps 18, 21, 24, 27 in test case description, step 33 should be addressed in an improvement task (start and stop actions should be automatically added)
    • RELIABILIT-6 fails with NPE during execution; Launch config is not available to run in the dialog, changing “de.uka.ipd.sdq.dsolver_plugin.PCMSolverLaunchConfigurationType.Reliability” to “de.uka.ipd.sdq.dsolver_plugin.PCMSolverLaunchConfigurationType” makes it available.;
      • decision: we should add the reliability feature to the drop (PALLADIO-524)
  • update wiki page PCM installation to use eclipse version 2020-12
  • somox will be added again to the update site