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We organize our development process in intervals of roughly one month. We decide about issues to be worked on and the person that shall work on the issue in the Concall.

The assignment takes place either by bidding for issues or by the last time an issue has been assigned to a developer.

The list of issues currently worked on is available in a JIRA board.

JIRA Board

JIRA board

Development Team (KIT)

Name Github user name
Dominik dwerle
Frederik reiche
Jörg joehen
Larissa julifan
Manar mazkatli
Martina rapp-fzi
Max max-sch
Maximilian majuwa
Sandro layornos
Snigdha singhsnigdha86
Stephan seiferma
Sebastian krach
Yves Yves

Development Team (US)

Name Github user name
Steffen snowball77
Floriment klinakuf