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What indicates a component or interface in C/C++ code; what is a component?

  • File
  • Library
  • Directory
  • Similarity in Filenames
  • Methods in Header: Interface (Abstract Class, virtuelle Methoden, public methods)
  • Interface: Every linked file
  • Interface splitting: by use of components
  • Dynamic metric: Reliability monitoring; memory layout
  • make file: target=component
    • support recursion of make files --> composite structures
  • Static metric: Call relations; # of static calls between files
  • Config-Files, Templates
  • Annotations: Author names
    • Coding-style per author
    • # of comments normalised over function size --> Author
  • Global (external) variables

Specifics requirements:

  • ATL code support: Interface notion

Additional sources for brainstorming:

  • Peter van der Linden "Expert C Programming"

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