Bugzilla to Jira Migration

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In 2011, Palladio has been officially accepted by Atlassian as an OpenSource community project. Thanks to this, we are now migrating to a Jira installation as a new Issue Tracker.

Find some details about the migration below. If you have any further questions, feel free to send an email to klatt(at)fzi.de.

Further information about system are documented on this page: Palladio Jira.


The Jira system is up and running under http://www.palladio-simulator.com/jira/ Everyone is able to login or create an account. Users with an KIT/ATIS account are pleased to use their according LDAP credentials.

Projects & Components

The issue tracker will host separate projects for our top level development projects (e.g., Palladio, Workflow Engine, Ginpex) and subcomponents (e.g., Palladio ProtoCom or Palladio Reliability).

The structure is aligned with the new code repository (SVN) structure introduced in 2011: SVN Code Repository

If you want to create a new project: please send a request with an informal proposal to Michael Hauck or Benjamin Klatt.


We will import the Bugzilla projects as separated projects into the system to archive their information and issues. Those imported projects get a name starting with "Bugzilla …", an id starting with [BZ…] and the category "Old Bugzilla Projects" (http://www.palladio-simulator.com/jira/secure/BrowseProjects.jspa#all)

To start with a clean issue tracker and get control over the issues in the system, we have decided to explicitly copy only those issues identified as relevant to the new projects. This means, if you are responsible for a component or a stakeholder of one or more issues, you should copy those issues from the imported bugzilla projects to the new Jira projects. To make this explicit: We will not loose any issues, because they will be imported in the new system and archived here. But the new Jira Projects will only contain those issues explicitly identified as valid with an active stakeholder.

Table of Bugzilla Project handling:

Bugzilla Project Jira Import Project Jira long-term Project Note
Analysis/Simulation Approaches Bugzilla Analysis/Simulation Approaches Palladio The issues should be classified in the new palladio component structure
CoCoME / / Project is obsolete and will be deleted
DocSys / / Project is obsolete and will be deleted
Palladio Component Model Bugzilla Palladio Component Model Palladio The issues should be classified in the new palladio component structure
PerOpteryx Bugzilla PerOpteryx Palladio The issues should be classified in the new palladio component structure
Q-Impress / / Project is obsolete and will be deleted (meanwhile managed in the OW2 Jira)
Workflow Engine Bugzilla Workflow Engine Workflow Engine Project already migrated


The migration to the new system will start on friday (13.01.2011) and should be finished until monday (16.01.2011). That means, you should finish your work with Bugzilla on Thursday (12.01.2011), you will not be able to use any issue tracker from Friday to Monday, and you will be able to actively work with the new Jira Issue tracker starting from Monday (16.01.2011) (Please wait for our release mail ;) )