SimuLizar Usability Extension - Use Case Tutorial

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Using the SimuLizar Usability Extension with SimuLizar project

The goal of this workshop is to learn how to use the SimuLizar Usability Extension with its functionalities. For this workshop we either use an existing SimuLizar project or you can use this workshop (link) and work your way up to point 12 and then we continue with this workshop.

1. Installation

2. Dashboard [Estimated Time: 1 min]

  1. Open the Measurements Dashboard -> go to the menubar -> Window -> Show View and select. Other…
  2. Type Measurements Dashboard and select Measurements Dashboard in the SimuLizar Folder , and click Open

Now we wanted to add another monitor here via our dashboard and in the following we go step by step through to have successfully added another monitor at the end.

3. Add new Monitor [Estimated Time: 1 min]

Click on the "Add new Measurement" button in the dashboard. The first window of the wizard where a new monitor will be created will open.

  1. enter a name of your choice or leave "aName" in the Textfield
  2. check the "Activated" checkbox

Click on Next to go to the next page.

4.Measuring Point

In the second step of our wizard, you need to add a measuring point to it. The wizard supports the creation of eleven different measuring points.


Select aName and unfold it and select Webserver and click on Next.

5.Metric Description

In this Page the user can specify the measurements, what they want to measure on their system.

  1. Select State of the Active Resource from the left list.
  2. Click on the button Add >

Click on Next.

6.Processing Type

In the last page of our wizard we offer the users the ability to further specify the processing type of the metric description.

In our case we leave FeedThrough which is a default value.


Click on Finish

Now you can open the dashboard and go to Monitor Repository aName and here you can see the monitor aName which one you created.