PCM Development/Palladio Release Process

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  • All projects are ready to be released
    • If meta model has been changed, increment version in namespace URI and update version in all projects
    • All bundle and feature versions have been updated to the new version
    • The version information in the PCM UI bundle has been updated
      • Version in splash screen
      • Version in about text of PalladioProduct extension
    • All manual test cases for the projects to be released have been successfully executed
    • No open issues for version to be released
    • All nightly builds of bundles to be released work
  • All examples have been migrated to work with nightly branch

Artifact Release

  • Ensure that the release update site aggregation file is up to date by regenerating it with the ant script located besides the aggregation file
  • Perform a release for every project to be released
    • Adhere to the order used in the nightly build job
    • Start a parameterized build on the build server with the release flag and the version set
    • Tag the commit used for the release on Github with the version number

Create Marketplace Entry

Update Documentation

Update Palladio Website

Updating Palladio website content shall be done via typo3 webinterface

  • Open https://www.palladio-simulator.com/typo3/ and login with your ATIS credentials
  • Edit the following content sections
    • Update header image with latest version number
    • Update version and links in section Tools - Download
    • Create a new release news entry visible in section Menu -> AboutPalladio -> Drop-down menu 'News'
      • Tab 'General'
        • Select in the left-hand menu WEB -> 'News Administration'
        • Select in the SDQ-Typo3 Tree view -> News storage => the News administration details view is displayed
        • Click the button 'Create new news record' on top of page of the displayed details view => a form to create the 'News' entry is displayed
        • Fill out the form with all required information
      • Tab 'Media'
        • Pre-requiste: the icon is uploaded to left-hand menu Filelist -> News -> <new release folder>
        • Upload news icon in section Media file
        • Set Image Metadata: Check 'Show in view, specify Title, Alternative Text and Description
      • Tab 'Categories'
        • Check 'Palladio News'
      • Click button 'Save' to publish new news entry

Publish Release

  • Create mail to palladio mailing list
  • Create tweet announcing new release