PCM Development/Palladio Release Process

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Die Informationen auf dieser Seite sind veraltet: This description is targeted to Buckminster builds that we do not use anymore. The process has to be updated.

This text uses PCM Core Release 3.5.0 as running example.

  • Prerequisites:
    • PCM Nightly build is working and is ready for the release
    • PCM Examples are adapted to work with PCM nightly
  • Check the depending projects (Palladio Commons, Workflow Engine, etc.) which are used currently be the PCM Nightly Build
    • If there are newer releases of dep. projects, you might want to update the nightly build to use these
      → de.uka.ipd.sdq.palladio.buckminster pcm_core.rmap
    • Check in all PCM features (see list on http://sdqweb.ipd.kit.edu/eclipse/palladio/nightly/features/), that the version is set to the release version
      • e.g. version 3.5.0.qualifier in the feature.xml files
  • On the SDQ webserver:
    • in the webserver directory: prepare a directory .. /eclipse/palladio/releases/3.5.0
    • Make sure the directory has the ownership jenkins:i43
    • Copy the nightly build to the release dir
      • cp -prf * ../releases/3.5.0/
  • Make sure the Palladio examples are adapted to the build
  • In jenkins, perform a "Palladio Examples" build
  • On the webserver, move the nightly examples to a release dir, similarly to the core build update site
  • Tag the PCM sources in the SVN
  • In the wiki:
  • On palladio-simulator.com:
    • Log in (typo 3)
    • Adapt download page to reflect the latest release
  • Create press release. Contact Klaus for details