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  • Situation: peer groups that assign reviews to each other
  • Goal: distribute reviews of pull requests over people in the group to spread knowledge


  • timely reaction to review requests
    • average time for first reaction should be 2 days / check GitHub regularly for assigned reviews
    • goal: final review within 1 week
    • exception handling allowed e.g. in case of high work balance
  • requester asks if review is not done within expected timewindow
  • reviewer assignment

Review Process

  • when JIRA task is finished the JIRA task owner triggers pull request and assigns it to a dedicated reviewer (reviever should be an experienced developer in this domain)
  • reviewer receives an email notification from github about the review
  • reviewer conducts the review within X days; if passed will execute the merge
  • github will send an email notification to the JIRA task owner to inform him about the successful pull request
  • JIRA task owner can now close the ticket