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Name Verantwortliche Status Eigenständige Analyse? Erweiterte Analysen Zusammenfassung
Accuracy Influence Analysis Henning Groenda Stable false SimuCom The Accuracy Influence Analysis was a former AddOn of Palladio but is now integrated into the simulation-based performance prediction. It extends the accuracy statements of Palladio with an influence analysis. The accuracy statements enable to state the accuracy of behavior specifications in .quality files.
Architectural Templates Sebastian Lehrig Incubation false Palladio Experiment Automation Reusable templates, e.g., to specify styles, patterns, and reference architectures.
Behaviour Validation Effort Estimation Henning Groenda false
Completions Meta Model Steffen Becker Stable false SimuCom SimuLizar A metamodel supporting completion transformations and their analysis.
EventSim Philipp Merkle Incubation true SimuCom Event-driven Simulator for Palladio models originally geared towards highly complex simulation models, where SimuCom might suffer from scalability and performance issues. Evolved to a platform for modular, non-invasive simulation extensions.
Exact Schedulers Jens Happe false SimuCom SimuCom add-on which adds support for more realistic CPU scheduling.
PBlaman Experimental false SimuCom Performance blame analysis approach (separate tooling, scripts that read in csv results of SimuCom). Maybe also discontinued.
PCM Cost Solver Anne Koziolek Stable true The PCM Cost Solver is a simple cost model that is used in PerOpteryx.
PCM Coverage Henning Groenda Stable false SimuCom This AddOn for Palladio allows managing and presenting coverage information on behavior specifications. It supports the creation of coverage requirements for a given specification and presenting the results of coverage runs.
Palladio Experiment Automation Sebastian Lehrig Philipp Merkle Incubation false SimuCom SimuLizar The Palladio Experiment Automation enables automatic execution of Palladio simulation runs. Allows to specify experiment runs for arbitrary solvers within a model; also supports experiment variations, e.g., for sensitivity analyses.
Palladio-RT Javier Fernández Salgado Incubation false SimuCom Palladio-RT enables modelling and analysing embedded software in PCM.
Palladio.TX Philipp Merkle Incubation false Palladio extension for modelling and analysis of transactional information systems.
PerOpteryx Anne Koziolek Stable false SimuCom PCM2LQN PCM-based Reliability Prediction PCM Cost Solver PerOpteryx is an optimization framwork to improve component-based software architectures based on model-based quality prediction techniques.
Power Consumption Analyzer Christian Stier Stable false SimuLizar SimuCom The Power Consumption Analyzer tooling supports the analysis of power and energy consumption of software systems defined in PCM. Power distribution characteristics are defined using instances of the Power Consumption model. The Power Consumption model references PCM's Resource Environment Model and annotates each resource and ResourceContainer with its consumption characteristics.
SimuCom Steffen Becker Stable true
SimuLizar Matthias Becker Stable true SimuLizar is a Palladio plug-in for analyzing self-adaptive systems, such as cloud computing systems, at design-time. With SimuLizar, we want to provide modeling support for self-adaptation rules as well as new analysis for scalability, elasticity, and efficiency.
Test-based Validation Henning Groenda Stable false
UCM2PCM Experimental false The UCM2PCM Transformation enables modeling a software system as UseCaseMap (UCM) and then automatically transform that UCM into a PCM model to do performance engineering.

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Experiment Data Persistency & Presentation (EDP2) AddOn

Allows to store received measurements, e.g., in a database, an XML file, or a binary file. Also comes with visualizations for stored measurements.

Update Sites: https://sdqweb.ipd.kit.edu/eclipse/edp2/nightly/


Contact: Sebastian Lehrig


Update sites: http://sdqweb.ipd.kit.edu/eclipse/palladio/addons/kamp/

Contact: Johannes Stammel


Allows for integrated simulation of PCM instances and business process models to identify mutual performance impacts. See IntBIIS for details.

Code: https://svnserver.informatik.kit.edu/i43/svn/code/IntBIIS

Contact: Robert Heinrich

Monitor Repository

A monitor repository contains monitors that define which metrics should be monitored at which measuring point in a performance prediction, e.g., the mean response time of a external call "saveData()" in component "ImageProcessor".

Update site: https://sdqweb.ipd.kit.edu/eclipse/monitorrepository/nightly/

Contact: Matthias Becker

Power Consumption Analyzer Addon

The Power Consumption Analyzer provides a model-based approach for analyzing the power consumption of a component-based software system at design time.

Documentation: Power_Consumption_Analyzer

Update sites: https://sdqweb.ipd.kit.edu/eclipse/palladio/addons/power/nightly/

Contact: Christian Stier

ProtoCom AddOn

ProtoCom is a model-driven approach to generate performance prototypes and code stubs from PCM instances.

Documentation: ProtoCom

Update sites: https://sdqweb.ipd.kit.edu/eclipse/protocom/nightly/

Contact: Sebastian Lehrig

Service Level Objectives

Service Level Objectives can be used to specifiy thresholds for monitored elements (see Monitor Repository). Currently upper and lower thresholds are supported as either hard thresholds or linear fuzzy thresholds with an additional "soft" threshold.

Update site: https://sdqweb.ipd.kit.edu/eclipse/servicelevelobjectives/nightly/

Contact: Matthias Becker

SimuLizar Extension: Power Consumption Analysis

This extension enables the analysis of energy-conscious self-adaptive software systems. It uses the Power Consumption Analyzer to infer predictions on the power consumption and allows for self-adaptations based on power consumption. Additionally, the analysis of self-adaptations that affect the power consumption such as the switching of power states is supported.

Documentation: Pending.

Update sites: https://sdqweb.ipd.kit.edu/eclipse/simulizarpower/nightly/

Contact: Christian Stier