PCM Development/Palladio Concall/Minutes 20130614

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  • Matthias Becker, UPB
  • Steffen Becker, UPB
  • Michael Hauck, FZI (host, minutes)
  • Benjamin Klatt, FZI
  • Anne Koziolek, KIT
  • Sebastian Lehrig, UPB
  • Philipp Merkle, KIT
  • Misha Strittmatter, KIT


  • Clarify state of units in PCM
  • New GMF3 Editor
  • Fixing Component Types & Constraints in the PCM
  • Migration to RSA 8.5 (or remove RSA at all)
  • Define purpose of testing (Jira): just testing or also learning effect?
  • Overloaded methods in Palladio (see Steffens Mail to Oliver on Fri, 17 May 2013 13:55:02)
  • Workflow Engine 2
  • New PCM concall host


  • Units: Make assumptions of simulation / scheduler explicit somewhere (Anne)
    • Windows / Linux scheduler expect reource demands in milliseconds
    • PCMErrorDialog can be used to issue a warning, or print a warning to console
    • Adapt Wiki page PCM_AddOns/Exact_Schedulers
    • Anne takes care of this
    • Anne adapts label in Palladio.resourcetype ("work units per second" to "work units per time unit")
  • New GMF3 Editor
    • Various bugs in the editors
    • Micha checks with Andreas the status of GMF3 composite editor
  • Fixing Component Types & Constraints in the PCM
    • Bugs in the OCL constraints
    • Refinement process is not yet tool-supported
    • System Editor support would be nice: Show replacement options for a component type and provide transformations
    • UPB: Adapt OCL constraints, Micha re-generates metamodel code
  • Migration to RSA 8.5 (or remove RSA at all)
    • Contra RSA: Working direct on EMF PCM meta model would be beneficial (instead of UML->EMF->Generated code)
    • Pro RSA: Good tooling, good diagram support
    • Can RSA be used to work on Ecore? Not really.
    • Are EMF editor diagram tools (ecorediag, generated emf editor) be used for editing diagram
      • Yes / No.
      • Steffen had problems with tool stability. (references are not displayed / saved properly). Working with multiple diagrams causes problems as well
    • Keeping RSA seems to make sense at the moment. Use mailing list to discuss pros and cons
      • Con: Edapt does not work with RSA. But Edapt does not work yet with PCM as well (and might not work ever)
    • Migrate to RSA 8.5
  • Define purpose of testing (Jira): just testing or also learning effect?
    • Use tests for release testing
    • They should be written in a way that they can also be used as learning effect
    • Adapt description on Jira testing (is there a description somewhere?
  • Overloaded methods in Palladio
    • Steffen: A component-based system has no overloaded methods. Hence it should not work
    • Maybe only a constraint problem with methods and different signatures (because this should work).
    • Benjamin: Check at which point PCM makes problems (wrong constraints etc) and post on mailing list
  • Workflow Engine 2
    • Fix WFE2 next week. Afterwards, PCM can be released
  • New PCM Concall host
    • Matthias Becker / Sebastian Lehrig host concall