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The Palladio Concall takes place every 2nd Monday of month at 4.00pm.

Next ConCall: October 9th 2017, 16:00
Next Coding Night: tbd

Agenda Suggestions

Please add things you want to discuss to the agenda below.

  1. Release info
  2. Stateful/Statless in Palladio cont. (FW (Fortiss))
    • continue from last concall
  3. Partial support for parent interfaces to be extended?
  4. Signing of bundles/features (PALLADIO-92)
  5. b3 Aggregator ist anscheinden deprecated. Siehe CBI Aggregator


To attend a call when Adobe Connect is used (which is currently the default), visit the following URL:

The Web meeting is based on Adobe Connect which requires Adobe Flash to run in the browser. Visit this page to test whether Adobe Connect works on your machine.

Concall minutes